Kera Willis - Founder/ Lead Teacher

Photo: Tiffany Stark
Photo: Tiffany Stark

Kera Willis grew up on a small farm in rural Ontario surrounded by animals: cats, goats, chickens, fish, rabbits, birds, and deer who ran through her dreams at night, crying in their mystical haunting voices. Most of her childhood horses were imaginary until she began taking riding lessons at a local stable, bought her first mare at 17, and apprenticed with a series of excellent hunter, jumper, dressage and event trainers throughout Canada and the UK. 


A musician, writer, artist, and amateur naturalist as well as a horsewoman, Willis began looking for an approach to horses that would allow for a more authentic relationship. She spent 3 years rewilding her equestrian education with the help of a feral Percheron mare she rescued off a meat truck, and completed a Facilitator of Equine Experiential Learning Certificate through Horse Spirit Connections in Tottenham, Ontario in 2010, which combined Linda Kohanov's Epona approach with shamanic healing techniques. Still missing the power, courage, and surrender that's shared when we join with horses in movement, she began to look for ways to bring ridden work closer to the transformational/ personal development/ healing field of Equine Facilitated Learning. Through horses, Willis beleived, it was possible for humans to enliven our felt connection with the living earth and shattered, essential reciprocity with the more-than-human-world. She founded Mountain Horse School in Squamish BC in 2012, and began exploring this intersection with students.


In 2014 she completed a 600 hour apprenticeship and 4 levels of certification in Horse Boy Method, form of therapeutic riding specific to Autism and neurolodiversity, then worked at the Healing With Horses Therapeutic Centre in Prince Edward County, Ontario as consultant, program developer and head trainer, helping the centre expand their scope of practice. Finally, in 2015, she returned to BC and reopened Mountain Horse School in the Upper Squamish Valley, where she continued to develop her body of work, programming and research. In 2017 she moved the school to Pemberton BC where she continues to alchemize her diverse horse experience, passion for earth-centred wisdom and connection, creative talents, and experience learning from persons with neurodiversities into the truly unique offering that is Mountain Horse School. 

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Karloane Gelineault - Camp Leader

Karolane was born in Quebec and raised in Alberta, where she grew up in the city dreaming of mountains and oceans. She spent her childhood dreaming up magical stories about jungles, forests, mountains, and faraway places, often imagining herself a storyteller, a writer, a teacher, a supporter.  From early adolescence, Karolane has always been pulled towards working with children and has found passion in guiding and mentoring young people. She has been working professionally with children of all ages for over 10 years. Her teaching experience includes a combination of early learning, teachers aid, special needs, one-on-one support, outdoor education, and tutoring. She loves to guide children and youth through experiential learning, especially in the company of the natural world (who is the real teacher). In the most recent years, Karolane has been enjoying exploring how remembering our connection to nature and animals can facilitate all learning, particularly social/emotional, and create a sense of belonging and calm in a sometimes chaotic world.


Currently, Karolane is completing studies in psychology and inclusive education through distance learning and has just completed a full season of summer camps with Mountain Horse School. After working and mentoring with Kera for the summer season, she's looking forward to continuing to facilitate meaningful connections between children, horses, and the natural world. You'll find her running the afterschool program, daycamps, and teaching beginner lessons through the season. 

Animal Teachers:

All our animals have unique stories and most have come from rescue situations where we've been able to heal their bodies, give them a new way to engage with humans, including a chance to heal us.

Dublin - 22 year old Belgian/Warmblood Gelding

Affectionately known as Dub-a-Lub (he keeps his medicine name a secret), Dublin makes up for his giant size by being a general all-round easy going guy with an amazing sense of humour. He loves to drink coffee out of travel mugs, bonk you with his nose, make strange whale noises with his tongue, and insists on spilling half of his breakfast every day to share with Rosie. Dublin has been with Kera the longest, and is her main star in leading the therapeutic sessions. He can also take care of beginning riders, and teach adults the subtleties of awareness, intention and alignment. 

Sarah - 35 year old Standardbred/Arabian Mare

Sarah is the grandmother of the herd. She worked as a trail horse for a long long time before coming to us at Mountain Horse. She is part in the dream world, part in this one, and has the tendency to fall asleep the minute her legs stop moving. But make no mistake- the dream world is where she gets her sweetness, huge heart and the generosity she gifts to us each day.

Besa - 10 year old Friesian/Paint Mare

Besa- "Bea" or "Lady B" for short- is a big medicine mare, with equal measures fire and earth. Strong willed and affectionate, she's still learning how to partner with riders on her back. She is enjoying the freedom and confidence of going adventuring with Kera, and still is the first horse to come to the fence to watch what students are doing with the rest of the herd.

Larkin - 16 year old Shetland/Welsh Cross

Larkin came to Mountain Horse School from Copper Cayuse Outfitters in Pemby. He got my attention with his huge heart and presence. Despite this little guy's small stature, he insists that he IS NOT SMALL. He is incredibly good at teaching boundaries, respect and assertiveness on the ground, and timing and responsiveness under saddle. 

Peter Pan (Pan)- 17 year old Arabian

Pan camp with the farm. Well, sort of. He had a previous life as an autism therapy animal and got a bit tangled up and stressed out, and needed a new job and way to engage with humans. He came to us as a free lease at the beginning and he's wormed his way into out hearts. We think he's actually a seahorse trapped on earth. If you rub his forehead just right, he'll grant you a wish. 

Mouse- 26 year old Welsh pony

Mouse came to us from a lovely family in Pemberton. She had a tendon injury that ended her career as a show pony and she needed some lighter work in an environment that would give her lots of love and affection, as she's very much a 'people pony.' She's one of those magical unicorn types who loves to move as well as stop, and this has made her a wonderful confidence builder for her little riders. 

Tina- 13 year old mule

Tina came from Second Chance Cheekeye Ranch in Squamish after being rescued from the Dawson Creek auction. She's slowly growing her trust in humankind, and one day we hope to be able to train her to ride. For now we're just enjoying her ears. 

Luna- 7 year old Standardbred/ Quarter Horse Mare

Pic + info coming soon

Sky- 18 year old Welsh/ Quarter Horse/ Arab Mare

Pic + info coming soon!

Rosie- 8 year old mini potbelly pig

Rosie (on the right) is the poster child of Mountain Horse School; the greeting committee and the free-range food cleaner upper. She pops out of her hay nest in the barn at the slightest noise, and loves if you get down really low, move slowly, and giver her a good belly or chin scratch. Or any kind of scratch. She flew out to BC in a pig crate, and arrived at the farm wearing a tiny pink tutu. 

Charlotte- 4 year old mini potbelly pig

Charlotte is really a viking princess in piggy disguise. She came to us from a rescue situation on Vancouver island, and has made herself famous by visiting various neighbours in the Glen on walkabouts. (We try to keep her fenced in, we promise!)