Nestled in the embrace of the Coast range in pemberton bc, Mountain Horse School creates UNFORGETTABLE encounters between horses, humans and the natural world.

We offer:


Mountain Horse School's camps are truly one-of-a-kind! Part horse camp, part farm camp and part nature school, we meet, groom, and ride the horses, enjoy some good old fashioned free exploring the farm, and forage, wildcraft or create a seasonal treasure inspired by the natural world. For children ages 6-12 and 10-16, the camps are a fully supported introduction to horses for beginning riders, as well as an opportunity for those with more experience to take a leadership role. Have a look at our full range of March Break, Pro-D Day, and Summer Camps.


We offer riding lessons for both kids and adults! Learn to create a true relationship  with horses, share in their power, freedom and strength, and learn grounded, kind, and present leadership by building your skills in the saddle and on the ground. We customize our teaching to meet you exactly where you are, and bridge the gap to enable you to experience your dreams! We offer private and semi-private lessons as well as classes grouped by skill level. Whichever you choose, you can expect the full experience from greeting your horse in the field to leading, grooming, tacking up, and riding both in and out of a ring.


We offer workshops and retreats for adults that combine equine guided learning, sacred horsemanship, earth wisdom, soul craft, herbalism, foraging, and medicine making with opening our awareness and connection to the animate power of the living earth and our own internal guidance. Rather than looking for answers to the questions that journey alongside our lives, we learn to trust that asking the right questions will provide all the answers we need. If we were made for these times, how do we need to live forward from this moment to create the kind of future that enables ALL of life to florish? What are we a stand for? And, perhaps more importantly, what are we here to give? 


We offer customized sessions for children, teens and adults held in the spirit of curiosity, openness, acceptance and love for people with neurodiversities, (including ADHD and Autism), and those finding their way back into belonging again after experiencing trauma, or who are perhaps looking for another way of being in the world that draws on the attunement, reciprocity and nourishment of our more-than-human kin.