Mountain Horse School creates intimate and transformative encounters between horses, humans and the natural world designed to deepen and broaden our understanding of what it means to be human.

Choose from:

Kids' Day Camps

Single or multi-day immersions. We meet, groom, and ride the horses in the morning and enjoy some free time and a seasonally inspired art, wildcrafting or foraging activity in the afternoon. The camps are a great introduction to riding horses for beginner riders, as well as an amazing leadership opportunity for those with more experience.


Relationship Based Riding Lessons

For both kids and adults! Learn to partner with another living being and share in their power, freedom and strength, while learning grounded, kind, and authentic ways of being in the world. Our way of teaching includes the full spectrum of the experience from catching, grooming, tacking up, leading and groundwork, to riding both in and out of a ring.


Therapeutic Sessions

Customized sessions for children, teens and adults with neurodiversities, emotional issues, anxiety, ADHD, and autism, as well as those finding their way back into community again after experiencing trauma, loss, or grief. 


Workshops and Classes for Adults

Multidisciplinary combinations of equine guided learning, earth wisdom, soul craft, and the presence of animals as a gateway to belonging. Next workshop date TBA. 


What makes Mountain Horse School So Unique?

At Mountain Horse, we believe we NEED animals. As our human relationships become more and more dependent on technology, we become detached from what's actually real. Without the co-regulation of another nervous system that's deeply attuned to ours, we become more and more dis-regulated. We lose resilience. Coherence. Authenticity. We loose touch with the living breathing world and a sense of connectedness to something bigger than ourselves.


What animals give us-- especially to children, who are still developing their inner and outer landscapes and are so easily imprinted by the touch of the world-- is time that exists outside of the human version of time. Is breath that moves slower than ours. Is an eye that seems, somehow, mysteriously, to know us. If we can enter into these relationships with a sense of joy, spontaneity and curiosity, then a sense of autonomy, empowerment and feeling comfortable in our own skins emerges naturally. In this sense, all of our offerings are inherently therapeutic. They rise out of the alchemy of the moment, out of the warmth of relationship between human and animal. On the surface our time together appears simple. But under that surface run a million complexities. 

Mountain Horse School

Pemberton BC

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