How Shall I Live MY Life?

Sat June 19 10am-4pm / Sliding Scale: $195-$350

There's so much in our minds at this time it's sometimes hard to feel what's in our hearts, including our emotional response to all the upheavals and truths that are revealing themselves to us. As philosopher-poet Bayo Akomalofe tells us, "in times of urgency, we must slow down." His invitation is to pause instead of react. Pause, so you have time to respond. As external pressures push us to move faster and faster in a  world of ever-increasing demand, the most radical thing we can do is stop. Take a nap. Take a breath. Go for a walk and tie the fields of our hearts back to the rhythms of nature. Lie on our backs and look up at the sky. 

In that pause, there is room for more of us to come into the conversation. We are able to consider more lives than our own. There's room for our hearts to join our minds. We regain our sense of scale again, of the place the present takes between the past and the future, and remember our own agency. Agency that has power in it that can literally rewrite the world. 

When I discovered I made a mistake with dates and had the magic gift of an extra week before camps begin (what a delightful error, really!) I wanted to invent something that could honor the practice of this pause, and also give me a chance to play in the new directions the herd has been leading me lately- which is less movement and more pause, and more gentle ways of being that honor their bodies as well as my own. My heart's been yearning to share more of the quiet parts of myself, the medicine making and the spell casting potency of words and language. Called "How Shall I Live my Life?", the workshop is an invitation to seek sanctuary in the art of being, and asking the right questions. To cultivate an ear of deep listening that opens us to the knowledge and voices of the nonverbal elders who surround us, the animals, plants, and the land. 

We'll get to taste rose medicine by sampling elixirs together that incorporate the alchemical use of stones (based on ancient Daoist practices) I've been learning. And each of us will leave with a little medicine bag of herbal creations to take home to help with our integration. 

The workshop is being offered on a sliding scale, with 20% of the proceeds being donated to support programming at the Xet'olacw Community School in Mount Currie.

To register, please reach out by email to