Lightning Seeds: Opening the Gateway of What's Possible

Sunday June 2 2019 / 10:00am-4:00pm / $245 including snacks and materials

Lighting seeds is series of one day workshops designed to gift participants an experience of the wisdom and presence of animals as a gateway to belonging— both to ourselves and to the natural world. We'll explore subtle yet potent technologies of magic including moving meditations, journaling, wildcrafting, foraging, medicine making, and of course, direct encounters with the animals themselves. encountering animals as a means of activating our intuition and non-verbal ways of knowing. We'll follow the horses into the depths of stillness where we'll have the opportunity to fully meet ourselves. It is this absolute truth for which seekers travel the world, climb sacred mountains, go to ashrams, and make holy pilgrimages. Amazingly, one of the easiest ways we can reach this holy place is to rest in the eyes, presence, and hearts of the animal kingdom. Animals know how to be fully present in the centre of their lives. It's something they've never lost, this ability to be present with all that is. This workshop is an apprenticeship to a way of being we've put aside in favour of comfort, convenience, and all the trappings of the modern world as it's been sold to us. But something ancient, the soft animals of our hearts, remembers. 


In the same way a lightning strike may ignite an instant blaze or slow burn that smoulders for months, these awarenesses and experiences may take root eagerly within us, or they may take months (or even years!) to percolate down through our soil. Our intent is to approach these gateways with gentleness and a spirit of joy and curiosity; to offer seeds of awakening, awareness, practice, ritual and inspiration that you can integrate into the habit body of your life.


What happens when we invite natural rhythms, cycles and energies to help us create the changes we wish to see, in both ourselves and the wider world?

What if we could get out of our own way and let what wants to emerge through us fill us with momentum and power?

What if we could remember ourselves into a state of embedded belonging within the natural world, this ever present reality that is larger than us?


June is the time of unfolding, of expanding beyond the safe confines of a seed, and extending new leaves toward the sky. It's the time of young babies, still vulnerable and wobbly on their new-to-this-world legs. Just as seedlings sprout better in earth that has been prepared for them, our own unfurlings happen with the most ease when we have cleared a patch of ground within ourselves to give them the space they need to grow. In this workshop, we'll work directly with Lillooet sage (cleanser and protector) and the wild roses of Pemberton (queens of soft, beautiful expansion) to first hold the boundaries we need to create the space to expand, and then to unfurl ourselves so we can expand into the space the boundaries have created. We'll play with these themes with the horses and other animals, looking for teachings in the animal and natural worlds to help us understand the dance between boundaries and expansion. We'll bring our day home in the silent library of out hearts, and in the form of a sage and rose cream we will create together.

About your facilitators:


Güliz Ünlü works with humans and animals in a range of wellness modalities. For most of her life she has been immersed in the layers and complexities of the Animal Kingdom. Through her work with both wild and domestic animals, she began to discover deep meaning in the purpose of the “pets” in our lives and the greater realm of animals that surround us daily. She was driven by discoveries in what they have to teach us about ourselves – about such things as compassion and forgiveness – and about their own purpose. She began to listen more intently to them to nurture this deeper connection.



Kera Willis is the founder of Mountain Horse School in Pemberton BC, where she creates intimate and transformative encounters between horses, humans and the natural world. A life long horsewoman, writer and explorer of connectedness with the more-than-human world, she strives to offer opportunities that bridge the gaps between animal and human, wild and tame, and to help others find their place of belonging- both within themselves and within the larger body of the world.

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