Relationship Based Riding Lessons

Learn to partner with another living being who shares their power, freedom and strength with us, and mentors us in grounded, kind, and authentic ways of being in the world.

Mountain Horse School's relationship based riding lessons are taught one-on-one or in semi-private pairings. We use english style tack, and bitless bridles for the comfort of the horses, and integrate insights and techniques from across all disciplines to provide an environment where the students' enthusiasm, interests and confidence and lead the way. We can accommodate riders looking for a first experience/encounter with a horse, or more seasoned horse people looking to further their awareness and connection with their mounts.


Because working with animals on the ground is so essential to developing a true understanding of them, a portion of each lesson will be spent on grooming, tacking up and groundwork, allowing students to also learn equine body language, behaviour and psychology. 

Engaging in a relationship with horses helps students to:

  • Develop self esteem, confidence and awareness
  • Feel a sense of respect and connectedness to animals and the natural world
  • Cultivate understanding of the body language and intelligence of another species
  • Feel comfortable, supported and empowered in relationship with their own bodies
  • Activate intuition, empathy, and an understanding of energy as the basic medium of communication for all life


Adults/children 6 years of age and older:

1 hour Private lesson- $90 (+gst)

2 hour Group Lesson*- $90/student (+gst)

 * to enrol in a Semi-Private or group lesson, students must be able to ride comfortably at a walk and trot without assistance, and choose a beginner or intermediate lesson according to their skill level. If the student is new to Mountain Horse School, we ask that s/he take a minimum of 1 private lesson first 


6 lesson package- $510 (+gst) A more affordable way to ride! This works out to $85/lesson, and can be used for private or group lessons as long as they match the rider's skill level. If pass uses remain past Jan 1 2020, they will then be redeemable for group lessons only. 

Children 3-5 years old

For younger children, we offer an introduction to the magic of horses that includes grooming and a pony ride. Parents are expected to attend the lesson and walk beside their child. These lessons can be booked as regular private lessons through our booking system. 

1 hour Private lesson- $90 (+gst) 

Want more details? Download our Lesson Info Package:

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