Riding/ horsemanship Lessons

Our Sept/Oct schedule is now open for booking! This will be Kera's last season of teaching as Mountain Horse School as she is moving to the caribou in November. So if you've been thinking of joining us for some programming, now is the time.

WE OFFER THE OPPORTUNITY FOR BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS TO LEARN TO paRtner with another living being who shares their freedom and power with us and helps us learn grounded, kind and authentic ways of being IN THE WORLD. Let our flexible, adaptive and creative teaching style support you in experiencing your dreams WITH HORSES.

Mountain Horse School offers private lessons and group riding + horsemanship classes. We use english style tack, but integrate insights and techniques from across all disciplines to provide an environment where we're led by the students' enthusiasm, interests and confidence. From riders looking for a first experience with a horse to more seasoned horsemen/women looking to further their awareness and connection with their mounts, let us guide you to something unforgettable. 


Our way of teaching adapts to follow the needs of students and horses moment by moment, in a warm, nurturing environment where presence, coherence, and intention guide our experience. Your lesson begins the moment you arrive a the barn which includes greeting, catching, and getting your horse ready to ride. This helps us learn equine body language, behaviour and psychology, and gives our nervous systems and psyches time to settle and come into resonance with our horses. Think of this important preparatory time as the opening ceremony for your ride. 



Private lessons are available for ages 3- adult. In these 1 on 1 sessions, we can work toward your or your child's goals and really support building confidence, leadership and true understanding- both of horses and the wider world around them.  We can dive into anything from giving your 4 year old daughter her first experience of the magic of sitting on a horse, to helping you reconnect with horses again if you haven't ridden since you were a child.  


Can be booked for any level of rider 3 years old and up. For riders under 6, a parent must be present and able to assist both for emotional support and any hands-on elements of the lesson. 

1.5 HR PRIVATE $215

Can be booked by any level of rider age 6 and up. 


AGES 8-16 only

2 hr kids' class Series $155/class

1.5 hr kids' class Series $125/class

The kids' group class series gives your child a 2hr or 1.5 hr lesson each week for 4- 8 classes, depending on the time of year you are booking. Any new students wishing to register for any class is asked to enquire with Kera as to which class would be the best fit for them, and/or book a 1 hr private lesson for assessment purposes.




BEGINNER 1: Riders who've never been on a horse or need more experience and time to develop their confidence and steering. This stage is all about learning to relax and enjoy the experience and magic of riding, as well as learning body language cues that help us know what our horses are thinking and feeling. At this level we spend a lot of time on the ground learning to be comfortable approaching, catching, leading, grooming and tacking up our horses. 


BEGINNER 2: Riders with some experience who are still growing their confidence in guiding their own horses and being comfortable at rising trot. At this level it's all about putting in the miles in a gently supportive way. 


INTERMEDIATE 1: Riders who are comfortable at a rising trot without assistance and are able to guide their horses with quiet hands. Riders will build a foundation to be comfortable and balanced following the horse over varying terrain (including hills). At this level, riders are starting to be comfortable catching and grooming their horses with little assistance, but may need more support tacking up as it takes a lot of practice to get the little details right. 


INTERMEDIATE 2: Riders who are becoming stable and confident at walk and trot both in and out of the ring, and are ready to begin working on jumping position over poles and canted transitions. Riders are becoming more independent on the ground and are able to get their horses ready with minimal assistance. 


ADVANCED: An Advanced rider is stable and confident in riding simple canter transitions, and is beginning to work on jumping technique over cross-rails. This is the stage where we start to grow our awareness of how the horse is moving under us and how to shape their body so they can be more comfortable carrying us. We'll introduce bending, laterals, and impulsion as baby steps for starting to understand what it means for a horse to soften and come onto the bit. At this level, riders should be able to confidently catch and get their horses ready without assistance.