Relationship Based Riding Lessons


Engaging in a relationship with horses enables students to:

  • Develop self esteem, confidence and awareness
  • Feel a sense of respect and connectedness to animals and the natural world
  • Cultivate understanding of the body language and intelligence of another species
  • Feel comfortable, supported and empowered in relationship with their own bodies
  • Activate intuition, empathy, and an understanding of energy as the basic medium of communication for all life

Learn to partner with another living being who shares with us their power, freedom and strength, and teaches us grounded, kind, and authentic leadership.

Lessons are taught one on one or in intimate semi private pairings so the students' enthusiasm, interests and confidence can lead the way. Perfect for riders looking for a first experience/encounter with a horse, or for more seasoned horse people looking to further their awareness and connection with their mounts. We use english tack to enable a closer connection to our horses, though we integrate insights and techniques from all disciplines. Because working and being with horses on the ground is so important for developing true understanding, relationship and mastery, a portion of each lesson will be spent learning grooming, tacking up, and groundwork, as well as horse communication, behaviour and psychology.




Adults/children 6 years of age and older:

60 minute Private lesson- $75

60 minute semi-private* lesson- $65.00/ student 

          * to enrol in semi-private lessons, students must be able to ride comfortably at a walk and trot without assistance, and               have taken a minimum of 2 private Lessons at Mountain Horse School.


Children 3-5 years of age:

30 minute 'intro to horses' session (kids 3-5) includes grooming and pony ride- $45.00



Because we have had such an overwhelming amount of requests for lessons, we are asking that you fill out the registration form to be put on the waitlist. That way you can be notified when a spot that suits your availability becomes available. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

What people are saying about relationship based riding lessons at MHS:

"This is the most fun activity I do because it I get to spend time with horses and learn a lot of different things about them and riding. Kera makes learning easy and very fun! I love playing games during the lessons and Kera is very creative."   

                                               - Havi Ashe 

"Kera is so patient and knowledgeable, which makes learning to ride fun and relaxing. She creates such a supportive environment and progresses the teaching at a perfect pace. The physical setting is stunning and I look forward to each week. Spending time with the horses, being in nature and learning something new is an awesome bonding activity to do with my daughter."

                                          -Bianca Roland

About Us

Located in the beautiful Pemberton Meadows, Mountain Horse School is 5 minutes from downtown Pemberton, 35 minutes from Whistler and 2 hours from Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer relationship based riding lessons, workshops, kids' day camps, Being With Horses Classes,  and Neurodivergent sessions specific to Autism, anxiety, ADHD, and other neurodiversities.   

Mountain Horse School

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