Nature's Medicine! Farm Skool

Saturday November 3/ 1pm-3pm/ $35 per participant

Evergreen, Evergreen! Farm Skool

Saturday December 1st 1pm-3pm/ Suggested ages 3+/ $35 per person

Come have a hot chocolate in the barn, and visit with the animals as they munch their hay they eat all winter long to keep warm.



For this class we are exploring the world of conifer trees. After a short walk in the woods we will come indoors where a warm fire will keep our hands warm as we make wreaths to take home.

Marvellous Mushrooms Farm Skool! (CANCELED! SORRY!)

Saturday October 20/ 1pm-3pm/ Suggested ages 6+/ $35 per person

Come visit with the animals, look at our mushroom table, and go on a guided mushroom walk through the woods and fields of the farm. Our goal is to explore the amazing world of mushrooms and wonder about them together. What makes one kind of mushroom different from others? Why do some species return to the same place year after year?


Some identification strategies will be covered as well as safety around poisonous species, but our goal is to awaken curiosity and an enlivened confidence to explore the world of mushrooms and fungi. 


We will also look at lichens, mosses and liverworts (who are NOT part of the fungal kingdom but ARE seasonally active and thriving at this time of year) and incorporate some specimens into a beautiful fairy or gnome garden to take home. 


Please note that this is an open class, which means big kids and little kids and parents and grown-ups are all invited to come explore together. We will be limited to a small group of 10, which gives room to answer lots of questions, and for everyone to get some hands-on time. Because of the adventurous nature of this class, we ask that anyone under 6 years of age bring an adult with them to share their experience. 

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