Equine Guided Learning: A Nature Retreat with Horses

September 16 - 19, 2018 / Kera Willis & Oriane Lee Johnston

@ Hollyhock Retreat Centre / Cortes Island BC


How long has it been since you felt kinship with life beyond your own? What does it mean to truly learn from another species? Come journey into the heart of the natural world and back, with horses as our wayfinders.


Horses, by nature, attune moment-by-moment to changes in each other and in their environment. Being in their presence rebalances humans, too, by bringing the energy fields of our hearts and brains into a state of coherence––that’s why being around them feels so good. A herd teaches us the practice of equanimity––equine-imity––“to stand in the middle of all; to look over without being caught by what we see.” Within a community of horses, we learn how to strengthen our resilience, love and wise action in response to the challenges of our life and the world today.


Our field days–– on a beautiful Cortes Island farm––include breath and body meditations, joyful play with the horses on the ground, quiet reflection with the herd and a journey ride on horseback. Everyone welcome.



For more information and to register, please visit Hollyhock.ca

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