fall Pro-D Day and Homeschool camps are now open for booking


Homeschoolers' Horse Dreamers Camp

Every Thursday / 9:00am-4:00pm

Run in the same format as our Horse Dreamer's summer camps, each week we will befriend and ride the horses in the morning, and in the afternoon take part in a craft, foraging or wildcrafting activity that connects us to the seasonality of what's going on around us in the natural world.

Harvest Pro D Day Camp

SEPTMEMBER 28 / 9:00am-4:00pm

In this camp, we'll celebrate the abundance and joy of the harvest season by making apple chips and drinking rose hip tea. We'll talk about how horses and other animals prepare for winter, and see which horse is growing the best winter coat so far.

Marvellous Mushrooms Pro D Day Camp

October 23 / 9:00am-4:00pm

In this camp, we get to go for a mushroom hunt on horseback! We'll learn to make a spore print, and ignite our curiosity with the questions: what IS a mushroom, anyway? What are their roles in the natural world? How can they be helpful to humans? We'll learn about what makes mushrooms different from each other, and will look at gills, teeth, pores, veils, spores, and mycelium. Our goal is not to be able to ID every mushroom, but to kindle enthusiasm, curiosity and exploration, Safety around edible and poisonous species will be covered. 

Nature's Medicine Pro D Day Camp

november 20 / 9:00am-4:00pm

We will spend the morning befriending, grooming, riding and caring for the horses and other animals. In the afternoon we will explore the world of plant healers, and ask and attempt to answer the following questions: What is medicine? Before we had pills and drugs, how did we heal ourselves? How do we know if a plant is safe? How do we harvest in a respectful way? Is it possible to have a relationship with a plant the same way we do a person or an animal?


We will go on a plant walk to meet a few new plant friends, and make our own White Chocolate lip balm infused with the healing properties of chickweed, wild mint, plantain, and wild Pemberton roses! 


about our camps: format and PHILOSOPHY

Mountain Horse School's camps are a one-of-a-kind combination of horse, farm and nature experiences themed to reflect what's happening in the natural world. Each camp is an intimate group of 6-8 kids aged 6-12, with the opportunity for ages 13-16 to join as camp mentors. each day includes a group riding/horsemanship lesson, free time to play a game, hang out in the hammocks/hayloft, and visit with the animals, and creating something beautiful with our hands and hearts that will alow us to bring the day home with us.


  • They're designed to foster curiosity, wonder and connection with animals and the natural world, and to create opportunities for experiential learning, fun and friendship in a rural environment
  • Unlike other camps or trail riding experiences where everyone just gets on the horses and rides, we go through the whole process from greeting the herd in the field to catching leading, grooming and tacking up. We work in teams of two people to one horse so that when one camper is observing, the other is on the ground listening, watching, helping and observing. This gives campers a much broader understanding of horse safety, behaviour, and communication, and a chance to build a true friendship with the horses 
  • We have two instructors + assistants per camp, which gives us the support to safely leave the ring and go on adventures together!  
  • The camps provide a naturally therapeutic social experience, strengthening the campers' modern day survival skills of leadership, courage, empathy, inclusiveness, awareness, and resilience
  • We email you an album of photos at the end of our time together so you can share in the magic! 


2021 summer programming: Dates TBA

Horse Dreamers Camp (5 day)

5 DAY CAMP FOR AGES 6-12 / 9:00AM - 4:00Pm

This camp is designed to be especially welcoming for beginner riders and those with little or no experience around horses. Opportunities will be made for more advanced riders to demonstrate their skills and take a leadership role.

  • Day 1- Fruit leather. We'll create our own homemade fruit leather by blending and drying a custom mix of seasonal fruit, We'll also make a big vat of wildcrafted iced tea we can enjoy all week
  • Day 2- Medicine making. We'll make bug repellant from the yarrow that grows all over the farm, and test it against the mosquitoes in the woods!
  • Day 3- Paper making. We'll gather flowers and other natural objects on our ride in the morning and embed them in the paper to make a beautiful mandala 
  • Day 4- Music making. Accompanied by Kera's guitar  and percussion instruments, we'll write/create our very own song and play a concert to the animals
  • Day 5- Open afternoon+ horse painting. This last day is left with some extra space in it to finish up a project from a previous day, and for each of us to have a chance to paint a work of art on a horse and try riding them bareback! 

Horse Dreamers Summer Camp (1 day)

1 DAY CAMP FOR AGES 6-12 / 9:00AM - 4:00Pm

Every Thursday, we'll invite 2 more campers to join us for our big adventure ride day! For the single days, we ask that campers joining us have ridden a horse before and have some experience around them on the ground. 

Horse Listeners Summer Camp (5 day)

5 DAY CAMP FOR AGES 10-16 / 9:00AM - 4:00PM

This camp is designed for campers with some riding experience who are able to ride independently at a walk and comfortably at a trot. As well as riding, this camp will cover groundwork, where campers will have a chance to immerse themselves in learning the body language and energetic communication that is key to a true understanding of horses. 


Afternoon schedule TBA. It will be a combination of a nature awareness game/activity and ground work with the horses. We'll cover the basics (leading and moving the horse's feet and body backwards and sideways), lunging (work on a long rope in a circle at walk, trot and canter) and body work (massage and TTouch).

Horse Listeners Summer Camp (1 day)

1 DAY CAMP FOR AGES 10-16 / 9:00AM - 4:00Pm

Every Thursday, we'll invite 2 more campers to join us for our big adventure ride day! As for the rest of our Horse Listeners camps, we ask that those joining us be able to ride independently at a walk and comfortably at a trot.

2021 Spring Programming: Dates tba

Wild Sugar! Pro D Day Camp

In this camp we'll explore the questions: how can we get sweetness from the wild? Where does Maple or Birch Syrup come from, and how is it made?  We'll learn about sap, and tap a tree to see if the sap is running. We'll sample different saps, and make maple taffy on snow- yum!

The Wild Artist - 5 Day March Break Camp

  • Day 1: Magical Creature Creation: We'll make a little creature out of recycled materials and papier mache. (Perhaps it will be modelled off one of the animals, or perhaps it will be straight out of our imaginations!) This first day we'll work on designing and forming our creatures.
  • Day 2: The second day we'll cover our creature in papier mache to give them a thick, durable skin. 
  • Day 3: Magical Creature Creation: We'll paint our creatures using acrylic paint, and add any final embellishments such as horns, feathers, and strings for hanging
  • Day 4: Balm of Gilead: We'll forage for black cottonwood buds and then make them into an easy to use balm that smells wonderful and is great for putting on bee stings, sunburnt lips, and skinned knees this summer
  • Day 5: Open afternoon+ horse painting: this last day is left with some extra space in it to add any final touches we might need to our creatures before getting them ready to come home with us. We'll each have a chance to paint a work of art on a horse, and try riding bareback!

Wild Beauty Pro-D Day Camp

Inspired by ephemeral nature artists such as Day Schildkret and Andy Goldsworthy, we'll look for beauty in the wild messiness of spring by creating earth altars together: temporary, beautiful offerings to the land made out of natural materials. Then, we'll go into the classroom and mix and roll seed bombs filled with wildflower seeds, perfect for throwing into a corner of the world that needs some beauty, or planting in our gardens when we get home. 

Flower power Pro-D Day Camp

In this camp we'll join in the celebration of spring by making dandelion or elderflower flavoured gummy candies and a dandelion flower essence! Gathering the flowers we need helps us understand the diversity of pollinators, and take in some of the life force that is waking through the natural world. the life Each child will go home with a jar of their very own gummies, and a dropper bottle of dandelion flower essence to share with their family-- and perhaps the faeries, if they wish.