Equine Guided Learning/ Mentorship

What does it mean to truly come home to ourselves? to become sovereign of the systems that tell us we're broken? What if the things we've experienced or the differences we're born with are a gift that is badly needed by the world at this time?

We're not meant to live separate from nature. Our bodies need contact with ground, plants, elements, and the turning of the seasons. For so many of us, nature has become something we recreate in. But if we're to experience the healing and whole-making effects of being in the natural world, we have to do it slowly. We have to learn to unfurl our attention away from ourselves and toward something else. In that journeying, something happens to our minds. They settle and become calm. Without the gatekeeper of the mind, it becomes safe to open to our perceptions, tune into the wisdom of our bodies, and begin to hear the voices of our many selves. From this ground it becomes possible for us to reconnect with the immense intelligence that lies at the heart of the world, and with the field of infinite possibility. 


Sometimes, to open this simply and completely is too much. We need an intermediary: something to hold us , that we can put our mind into. This is where the horses come in. If given the chance to live close to their natures in a herd with room to move and access to forage, horses-- with two hooves anchored in domesticity and the other two in the wild-- can act as gatekeepers between the worlds of human and nature. Wordless, they communicate in waves of feeling and pictures, gestures, and sounds. When we're near them, they bring our hearts, minds and bodies into a state of coherence and deep relaxation. Some of their way of being floods into us. Waves of connected stillness, contentment, joy. This sets us up to be able to disarm old patterned ways of thinking, reprogram the ways we've coped with adversity, slip out of old paradigms, and take a stand for our gifts in a world that desperately needs us.  


In these sessions we act as your guides, translators, and guardians. We set the table, but what we feast on is up to you. Our session could take the form of a wayfinding, a time to decompress, a ride in the woods, or a divination. It could be all of those things at once. We give you the freedom to explore what wants to emerge, and hold space for the shape of the best and most beautiful outcome. 


1 hr private $190



*larger group sessions are available upon request