Being With Horses Classes

Discover the magic of horses! Surrounded by the stillness of winter, we will seek shelter in the barn with the Mountain Horse herd and other animals. We will learn animal communication (through body language and intuition) and an arsenal of horsemanship skills including grooming, leading, and massage. This is the temple of true relationship: where we stop making demands and learn to just be. These classes are split up into different age groups and are suitable for those with no horse experience or those with some familiarity who would like deepen their horsemanship skills and true relationship with animals. Hot Chocolate, tea and cookies are provided.

There are three different styles of classes to choose from:



(3-5 years old and accompanying parent)

Less talking, more doing! Bring your little one to explore and encounter on the farm. Guided meeting of Vinnie the sheep, Rosie the pig, the Muscovy ducks, and the horses! Grooming, and how to move around them on the ground will be covered, as well as a basic orientation in how horses perceive the world and how it is possible for us to understand and communicate with them. 

Jan 14 10:00am- 12:00pm $45


Open Class (6 + years old)

(Please note: parents can either choose to drop off their child,  or purchase a ticket for themselves and join in the class!)

We will learn to meet the animals and herd on their terms, with respect, wonder and a sense of curiosity. We will learn the basics of how to communicate with horses through body language and intuition, and move into grooming and group leading exercises. Each class will be a little different as we will be in the moment with the animals, following their leads and invitations.  

Jan 21 10:00am-12:00pm  $45

Feb 18, 10:00am-12:00am $45


Adult Class (18+ years old)

Same format as the Open Class except we will dive in a bit deeper and language more of the concepts behind the connection; from heart resonance to lymbic co- regulation. An amazing two hours in which to step out of the overwhelm of everyday life and just be... A practical, active, and deeply peaceful meditation with horses.   

Feb 4 10:00am-12:00pm $45


What are the benefits of being with horses in this way?

  • Mindfulness of the self in relation to other beings
  • Emotional awareness and regulation
  • Deactivation of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight arousal system)
  • An respect for the sentience and autonomy of other beings
  • A felt connection with a life that is larger than screens
  • Increased resilience and heart coherence
  • Activated intuition and non verbal communication skills
  • A deep sense of connectedness and of being met deeply by another creature 

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Located in the beautiful Pemberton Meadows, Mountain Horse School is 5 minutes from downtown Pemberton, 35 minutes from Whistler and 2 hours from Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer riding lessons, workshops, special events, kids' day camps, and therapeutic sessions specific to Autism and other neurodiversities.   

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