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Mountain Horse has created some truly incredible camp experiences themed to reflect what is happening around us in the natural world. Each camp maintains an intimate group of 4-6 kids, and includes a horse riding experience and the creation of something that will let us bring the day home with us- whether it is a jar of jam from berries we foraged ourselves, or a wreath from evergreen branches and willow. With these camps, our goals are to foster curiosity, wonder and connection with animals and the natural world and to create opportunities for experiential learning, fun and friendship in a rural environment.                                                                                                       Unlike other camps or trail riding experiences where the kids just get on the horses and ride, we go through the whole process together from greeting the horse in the field to catching, leading, grooming, and tacking up. We work in teams of two kids to one horse, so that when one child is riding the other is on the ground listening, watching, and learning. Sometimes we play games or make obstacle courses for each other, or pretend we are all a herd of wild horses travelling together on our adventures into the forest and fields of the farm. Because we work in these small pairings with an instructor to child ratio of 1:4, we can accommodate a wide range of riding skills, and the kids with more experience will naturally help those with less experience and take on a bigger leadership role with their horses. What emerges from working together in this way is a much broader understanding of horses: the confidence and skills needed to work with them on the ground, as well as a true understanding of what they are are thinking, feeling, and perceiving. The camps provide a naturally therapeutic social experience, strengthening leadership, loyalty, inclusiveness, courage, awareness, and emotional intelligence in all participants.

Registration for 2019 is live and there are a few spots left in the summer and fall camps.

Camp Pricing:

Pro D Day: $115

Spring/Summer: Early Bird: $440 / Regular: $485

Wild Sugar! Pro D Day Camp

Monday February 25 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12

How can we get sweetness from the wild? Where does Maple or Birch Syrup come from, and how is it made?  In this camp we will spend the morning grooming, riding, and making friends with the horses, and the afternoon exploring the craft of making syrup from Birch Trees!


We will learn about the nature of sap, different tree species we can tap, and how to tap a tree. We will see if our sap buckets are empty or full and why that is, and experience what we have to do with the sap to make it into syrup and other treats. (If we don't have any of our own sap to boil we will make small treats of maple taffy on snow- yum!)


There will be lots of time to explore the farm, meet the other animals, and see if anything else is waking up as the natural world begins to thaw around us!

The Wild Artist - 4 Day Spring Break Camp

March 25-29 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12

We will spend our time riding and being with the horses and other animals in the morning when we are all fresh and full of energy, and in the afternoon we will grow and explore our creativity through different projects. Each day we will create something beautiful with materials inspired by the fields, forests and seasons of the farm.  

  • Day 1- Earth altars: we will create an ephemeral nature mandala out of treasures gathered from nature, and leave it somewhere on the farm as a gift for the land. 
  • Day 2- Basket making: we will each craft a little basket- about the size of a bird's nest- out of willow, alder bark and other materials found around the farm. 
  • Day 3 Seed bombs: spread seeds, not war! We will each roll an assortment of little balls out of clay, soil and compost, and fill them the seeds of plants that are beneficial to pollinators. After 'bombing' a few bare patches on the farm,  each child will leave with a few handfuls of seed bombs to throw into forgotten corners of the natural world. 
  • Day 4- Open afternoon+ horse painting: this last day is left with some extra space in it finish up a project from a previous day, and for each of us to have a chance to paint a work of art on a horse- perhaps while sitting on them bareback!

Nature's Medicine- Pro D Day Camp

Monday April 8 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12

In early spring the natural world is waking around us with a force and energy that is palpable. One of the most potent medicines available to wildcraft at this time are Black Cottonwood buds, which can be made into a salve or oil known as Balm of Gilead. After riding and being with the horses in the morning, we will spend our afternoon mucking about in the woods looking for Cottonwood buds. (If spring is early and the leaves are out already, we can trust there has been some preserved for us in oil). We will make this oil into an easy to use balm that is great for relieving pain of all kinds, as well as rashes or any skin irritations. Plus, it smells wonderful! 

Each child will go home with a jar of his or her very own balm, great for putting on bee stings, sunburnt lips, or skinned knees this coming summer. 

Flower Jelly! - Pro D Day Camp

Friday May 10 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12

In May all of the world is bursting into bloom. There is new life all around us from ducklings and chicks to calves in the fields and plants beginning to thrive in our gardens. We will spend our time with the horses in the morning when we are all fresh and full of energy, and in the afternoon we will join in the celebration by making our own delicious jelly from wildflowers! Similar to what faeries would spread on their toast, flower jelly is a delicate, delicious perfumy treat, and gathering the flowers we need to make it is a delicious sensory experience- one we can share with bees, butterflies and other pollinators, as well as the horses if they choose to join us in the fields. Each child will go home with a jar of their very own flower jelly to share with their family- and perhaps the faeries, if they wish. 

Horse Dreamers- 4 Day Summer Camp

June 17-20 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12 (Week 1)

June 24-27 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12 (Week 2)

July 2-5 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12 (Week 3)

July 15-18 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12 (Week 4)

July 22-25 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12 (Week 5)

July 29- Aug 1 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12 (Week 6)

August 12-15 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12 (Week 7)

August 19-22 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12 (Week 8)

August 26-29 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12 (Week 9)

Summer is the glory time of a farm- and indeed the entire natural world. The nights are a buzz with insects, while the afternoons are a wash with heat: just perfect for having a dream in a hammock in the forest. We will follow the rhythms of the day, working and playing with the horses in the morning when it is still cool, eating a picnic lunch in the woods, then a game and some free time with the animals. Our afternoon activities will be as follows:

  • Day 1- Homemade fruit leather: we'll create our own treats by blending and drying a custom mix of seasonal fruit. Yum! 
  • Day 2- Flower Presses: We'll gather a small collection of flowers (and other plants) that call to us from the fields and forests of the farm and preserve them in our very own flower press that we can take home at the end of the week. 
  • Day 3- Wild tea party: Continuing on from day 2, we'll explore edible plants and flowers growing on the farm and make a jar of sun tea to share. (Do horses like tea? Does Rosie? Which animals should we invite to our tea party?) Then we'll create our own custom tea blends to take home. 
  • Day 4- Open afternoon+ horse painting: this last day is left with some extra space in it to finish up a project from a previous day, and for each of us to have a chance to paint a work of art on a horse- and then show off our artwork as we parade around bareback! 

Marvellous Mushrooms! Pro D Day Camp

Friday Oct 25 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12

We will spend the morning befriending, grooming, and caring for the horses, and go for a mushroom hunt on horseback. In the afternoon we will gather in the barn, sip cups of hot chocolate, and peruse the mushroom table. We will make a spore print, and explore the questions: what is a mushroom? What is its role in the natural world? How is it helpful to humans?

Then we will look at what makes mushrooms different from each other. We will pass around our samples and look at gills and teeth, pores and veils, spores and mycelium. The goal is not to ID every mushroom, but to kindle enthusiasm, interest and awareness, as well as talking about safety around edible and poisonous species. 

Nature's Medicine Pro D Day Camp

Friday Nov 1 / 9:00am-3:00pm / Ages 6-12

We will spend the morning befriending, grooming, riding and caring for the horses and other animals. In the afternoon we will explore the world of plant healers, and ask and attempt to answer the following questions: What is medicine? Before we had pills and drugs, how did we heal ourselves? How do we know if a plant is safe? How do we harvest in a respectful way? Is it possible to have a relationship with a plant the same way we do a person or an animal?


We will go on a plant walk to meet a few new plant friends, and make our own White Chocolate lip balm infused with the healing properties of chickweed, wild mint, plantain, and wild Pemberton roses! 


Evergreen, Evergreen! Pro D Day Camp

No date for 2019 as there's no Pro D Day in December

``Join us for our very last camp of 2019! We will balance our time between warm indoor space and the crisp and sparkling natural world. Who knows... we might even get to warm up around a fire, and listen the the cackling hiss evergreens release when they are burned!


We will meet the animals and work with the horses in the morning. Each child will learn how to move among the herd, as well as how to greet, catch, lead, groom and ride a horse through the woods.


In the afternoon we will explore the world of conifer trees. Why do some trees loose their leaves while others stay green year round? How do we tell evergreen trees apart from each other? What does each kind of tree smell like? As it is the season of gift giving, each participant will have a chance to create some of their own treasures to take home including a handmade wreath and conifer infused bath salts. 


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