All of our camps run from 9:00am-3:00pm, are for children ages 6-12, and are kept to an intimate group of four to six kids.                                                                                               Pricing:

Pro D Day camps - $110/day

Spring and Summer Break camps- $400/ for 4 days

Each camp is themed to reflect the seasonality of what is happening around us in the natural world. Each day includes a horse riding experience, and the creation of something that will let us bring the day home with us- whether it is a jar of jam from berries we foraged ourselves, or a wreath we made from evergreen branches and willow. With these camps, our goals are to foster curiosity, wonder and connection with animals and the natural world and to create opportunities for experiential learning, fun and friendship in a rural environment.                                                                                                                                                                           Campers are asked to bring a packed lunch, seasonally appropriate clothing, and a pair of boots with a heel for riding the horses. All other equipment is provided, including helmets for our riding time. The riding and horse activities are fully supported and suitable for beginners or those with little experience, with room for more experienced riders to take a greater leadership role with their horses.

To register, please fill out the online form and indicate which camp/s you wish to sign up for.

Wild Sugar!

Feb 19 (Whistler Waldorf)

Feb 26 (District 48)

How can we get sweetness from the wild? Where does Maple or Birch Syrup come from, and how is it made?  In this camp we will spend the morning grooming, riding, and making friends with the horses, and the afternoon exploring the craft of making syrup from Birch Trees!


We will learn about the nature of sap, different tree species we can tap, and how to tap a tree. We will see if our sap buckets are empty or full and why that is, and experience what we have to do with the sap to make it into syrup and other treats. (If we don't have any of our own sap to boil we will make small treats of maple taffy on snow- yum!)


There will be lots of time to explore the farm, meet the other animals, and see if anything else is waking up as the natural world begins to thaw around us!

The Wild Artist Spring Break Camp

March 19-22 (District 48)

April 2-5 (Whistler Waldorf)



We will spend our time riding and being with the horses and other animals in the morning when we are all fresh and full of energy, and in the afternoon we will grow and explore our creativity through different projects. Each day we will create something beautiful to take home with materials inspired by the fields, forests and seasons of the farm. We will also work with recycled and repurposed items, imagining them into new and more beautiful creations!! 


This year we will be working on one large project each day:


  • Day 1- Painted Planter boxes and Recycled Watering Cans
  • Day 2- 'Valentines for Bees' (handmade plantable paper flowers embedded with pollinator seeds!)
  • Day 3 Living Strawberry Wreathes (Sphagnum moss gathered from the farm and planted with young strawberry plants)
  • Day 4- Natural Art Supplies (charcoal and drawing pencils) + Horse Painting 

We also offer custom camp days and learning experiences for groups of 4 or more. Choose from the previous camps listed below, or we can create one specially for you incorporating curriculum and learning goals!

Mushroom Madness!

We will spend the morning befriending, grooming, and caring for the horses, and go for a mushroom hunt on horseback. In the afternoon we will gather in the barn, sip cups of hot chocolate, and peruse the mushroom table. We will make a spore print, and explore the questions: what is a mushroom? What is its role in the natural world? How is it helpful to humans?

Then we will look at what makes mushrooms different from each other. We will pass around our samples and look at gills and teeth, pores and veils, spores and mycelium. The goal is not to ID every 'shroom, but to kindle enthusiasm, interest and awareness, as well as talking about safety around edible and poisonous species. 


*Please note this is a fall camp only!

Nature's Medicine

We will spend the morning befriending, grooming, riding and caring for the horses and other animals. In the afternoon we will explore the world of plant healers, and ask and attempt to answer the following questions: What is medicine? Before we had pills and drugs, how did we heal ourselves? How do we know if a plant is safe? How do we harvest in a respectful way? Is it possible to have a relationship with a plant the same way we do a person or an animal?


We will go on a plant walk, meet a few new plant 'friends,' and then make our own lip balm or healing salve to take home.

A Kinship With All Life

 This camp is designed for those with a close connection to animals and the natural world.


We will spend our morning riding and working with the horses. We will learn how to use our hands kindly to give TTouches, healing energy and massage to them, and we will learn to open up all the senses in our body to better understand and communicate with our animal friends. We will learn about the energetics of body language, and how animals use behaviour as communication, as well as what our own bodies are saying to them- as well as to our fellow humans! 


In the afternoon we will take some time to extend our listening to the plants, trees, wind and mountains around us. Through a series of nature games and awareness activities, we will gain a new sense of what it means to belong within the wild world around us. We will have some free quiet time to spend in connection with the animal of our choosing.

All Things Green and Growing

 We will spend our time with the horses in the morning when we are all fresh and full of energy, and in the afternoon we will forage, plant and play! We will learn about the stages of plant growth, and come home with some little plant starts of our own to care for and then transplant into a container garden. We will also explore the little green wild plants coming up in the fields and forest and learn which ones we can eat and different ways we can prepare them. Of course, you cannot work in the garden without collecting a few slugs for the ducks...


*Please note this is a spring camp only.

Evergreen, Evergreen!

Winter is a magical time, with the horses dressed up in their winter fur coats and gathering frost around their whiskers. 


We will balance our time between warm indoor space and the outdoors. Who knows... we might even get to warm up around a fire, and listen the the cackling hiss evergreens release when they are burned. 


Why do some trees have leaves and some have needles? What do trees (and other living beings) gain by having a season of rest? Because it is the month of gift giving, each child will have the chance to create his or her own treasures to take home: We will gather some of our own materials to make into a wreath, and explore the wonderful aromatic possibilities of evergreens by making our own bath salts using conifer inspired essential oils.


* Please note this is a December Camp only

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